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arai atsuo, 荒井 淳雄

Arai Atsuo

About Me


My involvement with the art world began in 2016, when I started working as a caricature artist. Caricatures are portrait illustrations using a special technique of taking an impression and giving it shape. The technique doesn’t simply exaggerate the characteristics of the subject, but maintains the impression of the subject by breaking up its structure, and utilizing metaphorical expression.


“Why do we see it that way?”

“Why does it look similar?”


There are visual tricks there.


Pareidolia animation, the result of my research, could be said to have begun with questions about these visual tricks.


In the context of painting history, there are depictions drawn by Leonardo da Vinci which exaggerate the features of a person’s face. In his notes, he also wrote about how pareidolia is one of the tools available to a painter. The fact that two contexts have been connected by one artist was enough reason to feel that my research was significant to the history of painting.


The study of multiple perspectives using animation that I began in June 2022 continues to fascinate me, like a puzzle I want to solve.

1972  Born in Chiba Prefecture


2016  Began producing caricatures.


2021  Began producing NFT art. Publish these works on social media, and sold on Open Sea.


2022  Began producing Skull Suspension series. Produced NFT art. Published these works social media, and sold on Open Sea.

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